Art and Design

Art and Design

At Thornhill Primary School, we believe that art and design is a vital part of children’s education and has a significant and valuable role in the taught curriculum, as well as the enrichment opportunities we offer our pupils.

The art curriculum will develop children’s critical abilities and understanding of their own and others’ cultural heritages through studying a diverse range of male and female artists.

Children will develop their understanding of the visual language of art with effective teaching and considered sequences of lessons and experiences. Understanding of the visual elements of art and design (line, tone, texture, colour, pattern, shape, 3D form) will be developed by providing a curriculum which will enable children to reach their full potential.

  For us here at Thornhill…





Our Year ahead in Art and Design







We use CUSP (Curriculum with Unity School Partnership) to deliver our curriculum, we have chosen CUSP because we believe it offers high quality teaching and learning opportunities for our pupils. Ensuring that pupils are inspired and equipped to think successfully, work and communicate like an artist.

Lessons and activities are planned to include all children by using a range of approaches. This includes: questioning, use of equipment, and peer support, to enable children to become reflective learners. Lessons are planned to facilitate the best possible outcome for all children within the class.

They learn to appreciate the value of similarities and differences and learn to show tolerance. A variety of experiences teaches them to appreciate that all people – and their views – are equally important.

Our ambitious curriculum focuses on excellence in Art through a myriad of media and incredible artists and carefully chosen techniques, to acquire new core knowledge, as an artist and enable our pupils to skilfully attempt, demonstrate and apply their skills and understanding, through exploration in lessons.

Collaborative work in Art develops mutual respect for the differing opinions, beliefs and abilities of others-enjoying their journey of learning new skills and gaining new knowledge, that in turn enriches their lives and passion to know more about the world around them.

 Opportunities for Art & Design EYFS

Giving children opportunities to be imaginative, explore different materials and develop their ideas is an important part of the Early Years Foundation Stage, mainly within the ‘expressive art and design’ area of learning.







Children are encouraged to practise their handling, moving and control skills (for example, by painting or using clay). Materials should be accessible for children to develop and explore their ideas and to be imaginative.





Art & Design Long Term Overview-KS1


Year 1 -22/23Year 2-23/24
Autumn 1Y1 Block A- Drawing and Painting


Y1 Block B- Printmaking


Autumn 2





Y2 Block A- Drawing


Y2  Block B- Painting

Spring 1



Y1 Block C- Textiles and Collage


Y1 Block D- 3D Sculpture


Spring 2Y2 Block C- Printing and Textiles


Y2 Block D- 3D Collage


Summer 1Y1 Block E- Painting


Y1 Block F- Creative Response Paint and Print


Summer 2






Y2 Block E- Painting


Y2 Block F- Creative Response Drawing and Textiles








Art & Design Long Term Overview-LKS2


Year 1 -22/23Year 2-23/24
Autumn 1Y3 Block A- Drawing


Y3 Block B- Painting


Autumn 2







Y4 Block A- Drawing


Y4 Block B- Painting

Spring 1



Y3 Block C- Printmaking


Y3 Block D- Textiles


Spring 2Y4 Block C- Printmaking


Y4 Block D- Textiles and Collage


Summer 1Y3 Block E- 3D Construction and Sculpture


Y3 Block F- Creative Response Painting and Printmaking

Summer 2






Y4 Block E- 3D Sculpture and Collage


Y4 Block F- Creative Response Drawing and Collage






Art & Design Long Term Overview-UKS2

Year 1 -22/23Year 2-23/24
Autumn 1Y5 Block A- Drawing and Painting


Y5 Block B- Printmaking


Autumn 2







Y6 Block A- Drawing


Y6 Block B- Paint and Collage

Spring 1



Y5 Block C-Textiles and Collage


Y5 Block D- 3D Papier Mache


Spring 2Y6 Block C- Printing and Textiles


Y6 Block D-  3D Structures


Summer 1Y5 Block E- Painting


Y5 Block F-Creative Response Printing Making and Textiles


Summer 2






Y6 Block E- Painting


Y6 Block F -Creative Response Drawing and Batik


Sketch Book Look- Examples of work from across the school.

Art learning is recorded in sketchbooks, work books and a range of other material across the school, generating Ideas, making, knowledge and evaluation. Each child is unique and each sketchbook should be unique, enabling children to develop their independence and creativity.

Teachers assess children’s knowledge, understanding and skills in Art by making observations of the children working during lessons. Feedback given to children by their peers or teachers. Children are also encouraged to be critical of their own work, highlighting their own next steps.

Year 5 and 6- Drawing and Painting





Year 3 and 4- Drawing and Painting





Year 1 and 2 – Drawing and Painting





EYFS- Seasonal Creativity





Curriculum Enrichments:

Our curriculum inspires pupils to acquire knowledge, as an artist, and enable them to skilfully attempt and apply their understanding

Vertical progression in each discipline has been deliberately woven into the fabric of the curriculum so that pupils can revisit key disciplines throughout their Primary journey at increasing degrees of challenge and complexity.

In addition to the core knowledge required to be successful within each discipline, the curriculum outlines key aspects of artistic development for all pupils to work artistically. Each module will focus on developing different aspects, supporting understanding pupils’ development, as artists more broadly, as well as how successfully they are acquiring the taught knowledge and skills.

We pride ourselves here at Thornhill Primary School to ensure that all children’s artistic efforts are celebrating through displaying their work around our vibrant school, school at Trust wide newsletters. We embrace opportunities to enter competitions, display exhibitions to show case our artistic flairs and enjoy working with local artists and Florence Mine.






Art Curriculum – Handbook Thornhill