At Thornhill Primary School, we believe that studying a language in primary school provides children with skills that are essential for modern life. Our curriculum aims to develop the children’s interest in the wider world and broaden their awareness of cultural differences, whilst promoting the British values of respect and tolerance​.

Our aim is to develop an enthusiastic and positive attitude to other languages and language learning; We hope to encourage a life-long learning of languages among our pupils in order to enhance their understanding of the world and their future economic well-being. We believe that this will aid our pupils to have high aspirations for their future careers as being able to speak a foreign language can be very beneficial and will provide many opportunities. ​

It helps children to develop communication skills as well as give them a new and broader perspective on the world, encouraging them to understand their own traditions and those of others. Our intention is to provide children with a love for learning new languages and an appreciation of the differences and nuances of foreign grammatical structures.