At Thornhill Primary School we believe that a quality English curriculum should provide the foundations for successful expression of thoughts and ideas across all subjects so that a child conveys their knowledge and ideas effectively to their audience. We want all children to acquire a wide vocabulary, closing the word gap amongst younger children through a language rich environment developing speaking and listening as well as writing. This begins in our Early Years with a balanced mix of ‘In the Moment Planning’ and carefully planned adult led activities. Our goal is to encourage pupils to take pride in their writing, write clearly and adapt the vocabulary and writing style across different genres.

One of our priorities is the teaching of reading, developing comprehension skills and to foster a love of reading for pleasure through exposure to inspirational diverse texts. Through the delivery of Systematic Synthetic Phonics programme we will develop children’s early reading skills, to build strong foundations where children are confident to read themselves. A child’s reading and comprehension skills impact their acquisition of knowledge across the curriculum. By the end of their primary education, all pupils will be able to read fluently and with confidence having the skills to understand, appreciate and utilise what they have read or has been read to them.

Reading Assessment Grids Redesigned 2020

Spelling Assessment Grid Revised Sept 22pdf

Progression in Grammar Punct 1 to 6 pdf